WinMX - Transfers - Clear/Load Incompletes or Completed Files

'Clear Completes' and 'Load Incompletes' are 2 buttons right next to each other on the Transfers Screen. They are simple and easy to use.

Clear Completes is when a file is finished. You will notice in the File Transfer Settings you can adjust 'Completed files' to clear after a period from your Downloads portion of the screen, by ticking that option and adding a time (seconds), however if you would rather you can untick that and clear these manually so you can see what has completed while you were away by clicking the 'Clear Completes' button.

An Incomplete file is one that you have started (even if its 0KB) and hasn't finished downloading, WinMX saves the file HASH number so that it can find matches the next time you start up WinMX.  When these files are set to 'Auto Find Sources' with a time set like '10mins' for example they will not be removed from the transfers screen and will sit there sometimes red for ages.  Its sometimes necessary to remove these, not completely like delete, but just remove them from your active files.  If you need to remove files make sure they are set to 'Auto Find Sources - Never' and 'Auto Enter Que - Never'.  This will cause the 'Clear Incompletes' button to become active.  
Note: If this settings have not been changed you will only see the 'Load' Option.

Once you have done this the button will turn back to 'Load Incompletes' active, and clicking this will allow you to but the Incompletes back into the transfer screen, remember you will need to right click each file at this point and reset the 'Auto Find Sources' and 'Auto Enter Que' to reactivate them to finding sources and queuing.

WinMX - Transfers - Deleting Files

You can completely remove a file from your system, sending it to the Recycle Bin from the transfers screen.  Simply 'right click' the file and choose 'Delete File'.  Again this will completely remove the file sending it to your Recycle Bin.

Its a good idea to clean out your Incomplete Files from time to time.  Any files that have 0 KB or have not downloaded any, you may consider removing these every so often.  Having too many Incomplete files can make for problems and a mess to dig through for files that will actually find sources and complete.

This information brought to you by Mr and Mrs SiliconToad, many thanks for their hard work on this.

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