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The 'Setup Wizard' can be useful when trying to get settings back to defaults after changes have been made you need to 'undo'.  You may also want to use it if your working on getting the TCP and UDP tests to work correctly, although, you can easily manually set ports without the need to run the setup test.

When you click on the 'Setup Wizard' it will give you the option to 'Clear All Current Settings Before Running Setup Wizard', if your just trying to run through the TCP and UDP tests, then choose 'No' Here to keep your current settings and colors.

There are a few occasions when you might start WinMX and find it wants to 'reinstall' or run through the 'Setup Wizard' again for an unapparent reason.  There are a few common reasons for this.

The Settings.dat file may have been corrupted.  If your computer has had a abnormal or unexpected shut down often the information that WinMX saves every few seconds to the Settings.dat file was not completed correctly, causing WinMX to not be able to read it properly on the next start up.  Its a good idea to keep a back up copy of this and your library.dat or lib4.dat files in a safe place.. and simply replace them if this happens.

The install is unconventional, meaning that your WinMX.exe file is running in a different location then your Settings.dat file is being saved.  This often happens when 'someone gives someone the WinMX Folder'  Instead of a clean install.  The best fix is to delete all files related to WinMX and shortcuts and reinstall from here:
WinMX Community Patch Installers

This information brought to you by Tiny 4eva, many thanks for his hard work on this.

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