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This is a brief guide to the Library Settings page on WinMX.

For more details on sharing please visit Library/Shared Files Index.

Basically, there is only one use for the Library Settings page, and that is to show you the files types that are shared and to add or edit the types shared.

'Available Filetypes' is where you can manage file types that you will be able to share.  As you can see there are many file types and you might think 'How could one possibly need more?'  I assure you there are also many that are not shared that are very helpful.  

For example when sharing scripts for Robomx Metis Bots the file type '.xml' is useful to share.  Maybe you'd like to share some of your Photoshop files '.psd'.  These and any file type you can think of real or made up, can be added on this page.  

If your wondering why '.wma or .wmv' files are not listed please take a moment to read this Shared File Types page.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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