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How To Keep The RIAA Off Our Networks

Note: Users of the WinMX Community Patch do not need to run peer guardian, running peer guardian with the default lists will seriously reduce your download performance (as it blocks a lot of real users). It is strongly recommended that you go to and install that patch and remove peer guardian. As well as providing better blocking than peer guardian the patch also filters the flooders from search results (which peer guardian does not do)

Please read this thread for some peer guardian facts before using it.

Having said that, if you do instst on using peer guardian:

PeerGuardian is like a firewall for P2P networks,  It blocks the Riaa.  Right now the RIAA is attacking this networks primary connections.

First install Peer Guardian 2 from here The New Peerguardian

Install it according to the directions here How To Install
The Block and Allow lists,are a vital part of insuring that your WinMX is working to help the network.  Many of the IPs doing the damage to WinMX are not even on the PeerGuardian Block Lists and one of the Peer Caches we are using now is.
Block List - Updated Often so please watch this thread for details of updates:
Updates to Block List
Allow List

Once the program has installed and updated, go to the main screen.

Click the List Manager Button.

Now click the Add Button.

Here you need to enter a description : Block List WinMX
Click the Add URL
Make sure the Block option is ticked, and copy and paste the following address into the box

This is a static url and will allow your Peerguardian to update the list automatically.

Now follow those same steps with the Allow List.

This is what it should look like when you have finished installing the new RIAA block list.
Close the box now and you will see the Generating List Cache.

Now you will see many of the companies doing  the flooding being blocked on your log screen.
Some of the names you many see are

You may also notice several of your secondary connections will fall immediately.  Dont fear this, this means that the compaines
we are fighting are not LEECHING off of you any more !!

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