WinMX Settings - OpenNap Networks

Here is a brief explanation of the settings page for OpenNap Networks in WinMX.

For more information about the uses and functions of OpenNap please visit this guide.

The first setting you will see if the 'Default Login'.  Although, many servers are public and you wont need a 'login' to speak of, this is still an important setting.  WinMX by default places the same user name you use on WinMX in this box.  Most users have some sort of ASCII or Colour Codes in their names and this will NOT work for your user name on OpenNap.  Please be sure to change this to something simple only letters and numbers if you plan on using OpenNap.

The next setting is 'Default Password (Leave blank for random)'.  This settings is only needed if you have a server you connect to that has a password set.  Most public servers DO NOT require this information.  Leave it blank.

'Login attempts timeout after .....seconds'.  This is best to leave at about 90-300 seconds.  If the server was unable to login in that time frame its not likely to ever.

'Limit Simultaneous connection attempts to ...' allows you to set the amount of servers that you can try to connect to at one time.   If you use a list of servers that is longer then 10 raise this number to the correct amount.  Its not a good idea to connect to more then 20 servers at a time.

'Do not import raw IP addresses from WSX files.'  This should remain 'Ticked', as some IP addresses of servers will change and the host-name is best to use.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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