OpenNap 870 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 870 ] - 0x366 - Client to Server - Add File(s) To Shared Index

<PacketLength><PacketType>"<directory>" "<file>" <md5> <size> <bitrate> <freq> <duration> [ ... ]

     This command allows a client to share multiple files in the same directory as a shortcut to multiple 100 (share file) commands.

     <directory> is the path which should be prepended to all the given filenames in the rest of the packet.
     <file> is the name of the file to share *without* its directory component.
       When other Clients do a browse/share, the real path will be reported as <directory>/<file>.

     <md5>       See Md5 info on main page
     <size>      This is the files size in bytes
     <bitrate>   This is in kbps
     <frequency> This is in hz
     <time>      This is in seconds, this field is also called <duration> in some other packets

    The portion of this command after the <directory> may be repeated as many times as necessary for files in the same directory.

    NOTE: Most Servers will not accept packets of length longer than 2048 bytes so you still may need to break up the
      files into  multiple commands if there are many files in a single directory.

      For sharing non-mp3 files there is <10300> packet that is supported by OpenNap and SlavaNap, but most Clients use
      packet <100> or <870> and just set bitrate=24 freq=16000 time=60      

      NAPSTER  Compatible
      OPENNAP  Compatible
      SLAVANAP Compatible

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