OpenNap 10300 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 10300 ] - 0x283C - Client to Server - Add Mime-Type File To Share Index


      "<filename>" This is the filename string of the file to be added to the shared file index.
      <size>      This is the size of the file in bytes
      <MD5>  This is the md5 hash of the file , this is counted the same way as for command <100>.
      <major-content-type> This is the major MIME type defined for what the data is.
                                    Should be one of: audio, video, text, image, application, mp3.

          NOTE: mp3 is a separate type here since the original nap protocol was designed for sharing only mp3 files.
          "audio" refers to other types of audio files.


"C:\IMAGES\Grand Canyon.jpg" 54187 bc938fdc0ef63772bfbdbf57aabb0860-54187 image

"\home\drscholl\src\opennap-0.11.tar.gz" 102161 51c07734811a26853b1a2a87b67c68a1-102161 application

      OPENNAP  Compatible
      SLAVANAP Compatible

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