OpenNap 430 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 430 ] - 0x1AE - Client or Server - Invite Specified User To Chat Channel

      Client : <nick> <channel>
      Server : <nick> <channel> "<topic>" <unknown> <unknown>  
        This command is used by Napster 2.0 BETA 9.6+ to invite a user to a channel.
        The funniest thing about this command is that it is supported by Napster clients but not supported by Napster servers ;)
        Napster implementation of this command is a little bit buggy.

       Client :                                                                
              <nick>    Username string <nick> of invited user                                  
              <channel> Channel name string user <nick> was invited to    

       Server :                                                                
              <nick>    Username string <nick> of user who was inviting                          
              <channel> Channel name string                                          
              <topic>    Channel's topic                                      
              <unknown> - ??? ("0" works fine)
       When the specified user receives <430> packet the user should reply with <431> or <432> and if invitation is accepted,
       the user should join channel with <400>.
       Client example:                                                        
       CyberAlien2 #test_channel                                              
       Server  example:                                                        
       CyberAlien3 #test_channel "Welcome to the #test_channel." 0 0    

       NAPSTER  Compatible
       SLAVANAP Compatible

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