OpenNap 316 Packet Format


[ Packet Type 316 ] - 0x13C - Client or Server - Client or Server - Disconnection Notification

         Client : <PacketLength><PacketType><empty>

         Server : <PacketLength><PacketType><flag>

          <flag>  This is either 1 or 0 (zero).

         The Server sends this message with a value of `0' when the Client is about to be disconnected.

         It is unknown what this command does when issued by the Client.  
         The Server appears to send the <316> message without disconnected the Client in this case.

         The Server seems to send this message if you send it a numeric greater than 1000, anti exploit operation ?  
         The Server will also disconnect you after sending this message.

       NAPSTER  Compatible
       OPENNAP  Compatible

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