OpenNap 200 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 200 ] - 0xC8 - Client to Server - Search Query Request

       <PacketLength><PacketType>< * see below* >

       [FILENAME CONTAINS "artist name"] MAX_RESULTS <max> [FILENAME CONTAINS "song"] [LINESPEED <compare> <link-type>] [BITRATE <compare> "<br>"]
       [FREQ <compare> "<freq>"] [WMA-FILE] [LOCAL_ONLY]

  For OpenNap and SlavaNap only:

        [TYPE <mime-type>] [FILENAME EXCLUDES "exclude string"] [SIZE <compare> <filesize_in_bytes>] [DURATION <compare> <song_duration_in_seconds>]

  For SlavaNap 2.x only:


       The artist name and the song name are strings filename should include.
       There is no difference between artist name and song name.

       <max> is a number, if it is greater than 100, Napster server will only return 100 results.
            With OpenNap and SlavaNap <max> can be greater than 100.

       <compare> is one of the following: "AT LEAST" "AT BEST" "EQUAL TO"

       <link-type> integer ranging from 1 to 10. see <02> (client login) for a description.

       <br> is a number, in kbps

       <freq> is the requested sample frequency, in Hz

         <mime-type> OpenNap and SlavaNap support other media types besides mp3. By default, searches will only match mp3 files.  
         A client can however search for other media types by specifying a partial MIME content-type (audio, video, text, application, image, mp3).
          (See packet <10300> for adding media to the database).
         The special keyword `any' will match any media type in the database.

         The results of the search are returned as with mp3, except the fields for bitrate, sample frequency and length are meaningless.
         The client can then download as they would any other mp3 file.

      FILENAME EXCLUDES "..." allows filtering search results by excluded all files which match words in an exclude list.  
        This must be used in conjunction with FILENAME CONTAINS "...".

       (NOTE: as of Napster 2.0 BETA 8, words in the FILENAME CONTAINS string which are prefixed with a minus sign (-) are considered to be exclusive.)
      Can be used only with OpenNap and SlavaNap servers.

     SIZE, DURATION allows matching on the file size and song length in addition to the other file attributes. Can be used only with OpenNap and SlavaNap Servers.

      LOCAL_ONLY causes the Server to only search for files from users on the same Server rather than all linked Servers.

      SHOW_QUEUE this works only with SlavaNap 2.x servers. it causes server to add number of queued items for remote user to each search result.
        if remote user's software doesn't show queue server will add "n/a" instead of queue.
        otherwise server will return number counted with the following simple algorithm:

          current_uploads + queued_uploads - max_uploads;

        so, if you can download from remote user without entering queue Server will return any negative number,
        if user has maximum uploads right now Server will return number of queued items. To set number of queued items use SlavaNap's command <8112>.
        You can also retreive number of queued items using SlavaNap's command <8113> instead of adding "SHOW_QUEUE" to search request.
See also "readme.txt" in SlavaNap.

      SHOW_SOFTWARE this works only with SlavaNap 2.x servers. if causes server to add client's software signature to search result.
      This might be used if your client has its own special protocol and you don't want to disturb other clients with messages that other client wouldn't understand.
      If you use both "SHOW_QUEUE" and "SHOW_SOFTWARE" in search request, Server will add queue first and software second to
search result.
      See also "readme.txt" in SlavaNap.

      The windows client filters by ping time inside the client.
      It pretty much has to, and it's easy to see the result by setting ping time to at best 100 ms or so, and max search terms to 50.  
      You'll get back like 3 results, but the client will still tell you that it found "50 results".

                       CONTAINS "tesko suicide" BITRATE "AT LEAST" "128"

                      "EQUAL TO" 10

       SEE ALSO: <10300> share non-mp3 file.

      NAPSTER  Compatible
      OPENNAP  Compatible
      SLAVANAP Compatible

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