OpenNap 2 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 2 ] - 0x02 - Client to Server - Registered Login Request

   <PacketLength><PacketType><nick> <password> <port> "<client-info>" <link-type> [ <num> ]

       <nick> This is the Clients OpenNap UserName.
       <password> This is the Clients password.
       <port> is the port the Client is listening on for data transfer.
            If this value is 0, it means that the Client is behind a firewall and can only push files outward.
            It is expected that requests for downloads be made using the <500> packet'
       <client-info> is a string containing the Client version info
       <link-type> is an integer indicating the Client's bandwidth, see below for which integer to use for the connection type.

            0  unknown
            1  14.4 kbps
            2  28.8 kpbs
            3  33.6 kbps
            4  56.7 kbps
            5  64K ISDN
            6  128K ISDN
            7  Cable
            8  DSL
            9  T1
            10 T3 or greater

       <num> build number for the windows client [optional]


       foo badpass 6699 "nap v0.8" 3

       NAPSTER  Compatible
       OPENNAP  Compatible
       SLAVANAP Compatible

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