Emulators WinMX Professional Chat Client -  Plugin Setup And Help Guide

The WinMX Professional Chat Client is the work of Emulator, a programmer who's WPCC chat client also has the facility to accept chat based plugins, this page is to give you helpful information on loading and using WPCC plugins, also a short description of what each plugin does and where they can be obtained.

Plugins Index
Each plugin will be listed below with a link.

WPCC XML Bot (Created by Emulator)
XML Bot compatible with MxControls "Metis" bot scripts - New features and extras added
     Download From Here

WPCC BOT (Created by Emulator)
 A basic Chat BOT thats easy to use - Comes with its own "User Guide"
     Download From Here

WPCC Amp (Created by Emulator)
A WinAmp based plugin that displays whatever your playing in the chat room  
     Download From Here

WPCC Balloon (Created by Emulator)
This plugin displays "Balloon Tips" information for WPCC  
     Download From Here

WPCC Browser (Created by Emulator)
This plugin alllows you to follow a link posted in any WinMX Type chat-room by using your browser.
     Download From Here

How To Load A WPCC Plugin
Each plugin must first be unzipped/extracted and loaded into the the "Plugins" folder located inside the "WPCC" folder (usually in Program Files)

Manual loading of the plugins can be done manually by pressing the "Refresh" button on the third options page or automatically by allowing them to be loaded at startup by ticking the "Enable Plugins to Be Loaded In Chat On Start" tick box.
refer to the WPCC Userguide Here for further information on the options pages.

Plugins Development
For those who may wish to to develope their own plugins for WPCC Emulator has provided a basic SDK in two flavours One Using MFC C++ Here MS C++ Ver6 with sp6 or Visual Studio and a plain C++ one from Here.
You will need to name your plugin and once compiled place it in the "Plugins" folder located inside the "WPCC" folder.

WinMXWorld wish Emulator a BIG "Grazie" for his work on providing WPN users with helpful innovative programs and more importantly entertainment, Cheers Emulator : )

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