WinPY -  A WPN / WinMX Compatible File Sharing Client

This program is an Python based open source WinMX / WPN secondary filesharing Client written by a community developer called "String", A further primary capable version was written in conjunction with another Community developer called "Maxe" and support was added for OpenNap operation, sadly this version wasnt released to the general public due to the sensitive nature of the WinMX protocol, however if in the future changes are made to the existing protocol this new client code would be added to the sourceforge location as open source as per both the developers wishes.

The authors has a Sourceforge location that hosts the open source files, please bear in mind you will need to have Python installed and maybe not the latest version if my memory serves me right.

This client has a fork called AgoraMX.

Some information on AgoraMX can be located here .

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