AgoraMx WPN Client

This project was detected some time ago as a fork and update of Strings WinPY secondary client but seems to have died out.

It was first spotted on a forum that has died out, however the design goals behind those constructing their own decentralised chat network lives on in this pastebin post

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The contents of the document have been copied here for historical recording.

   Backup Infrastructure Development and Implementation Plan
   The creation of this Infrastructure in whole I believe would best be broken down
   much like The Plan itself,into Phases. In this way we are allowed to observe it
   as it is built which will give us the documentation needed to reverse engineer for
   security and the such.
   Phase 1 -- Introductory and remedial research begins. Educate ourselves on the basics
   of the network structure we are working with. Advanced study begins.
   Phase 2 -- In this Phase, we begin building. Framework for standalone client. Network
   Configuration. And test for any vulnerabilities.
   Phase 3 -- We launch the network based upon all test documentation, meaning there may
   be certain deviations we would have to make for the network to operate
   Now as this is a bare bones summary just to get you acquainted, I will break down
   even further the Phases, as well as provide documentation and any relevant information to further
   aid in your research.
   Phase 1 -- Get acquainted!
   WinMX, it is a P2P network that at one time used to be very popular, give or take a little, about 800
   channels on the network at any given time with numbers of users per channel ranging from 60 - 120.
   Since then, it has become rather barren, consisting of maybe 30 - 60 channels at any given time. With
   an average of 6 - 20 users per channel. What happened?? Well, during 2005 - 2006 (?) the FBI and RIAA
   starting cracking down on these Peer to Peer networks due to Copyright laws and such on files that
   were being shared. WinMX was caught in the crossfire and now is off the grid so to speak.
   By now I hope you can see where I'm going with this. But I did forget to mention one thing, it can all
   be hosted locally. So, we're mobile, we can share easily, and we have a channel to speak through.
   We can centralize it on a 24/7 host and be able to switch it over to another local machine ANYWHERE if
   need be in the event the main host is taken offline or just needs to be repaired. We never have to completely
   be offline for any extended amount of time. Imagine what can be achieved through that, maybe even be able
   to use it on our forum.
   This is about darknets and some of the basics:
   WinMX Patch :
   Privacy Tools--
   Peer Guardian:
   Peer Block:
   But, there are some cons...
   **However, even with the cons, the servers that are most affected are WCS which are locally driven servers.
   What the 'attacks' on winMX do is make the channel list unable to load. Which at least until a new patch
   is released, may give us a nice window of time to explore and get hands on, without allowing our
   presence to be known.( kinda sounded bad lol.u get it ) The channel list is unable to load but the channel is still there.
   we could even test a brand new patch.**
   So, are you ready to move on and see what we could possibly do to improve upon the situation? And utilize
   this in a whole new way?
   Phase 2 -- Development Period
   During Phase 1 we explored the core dynamics of and educated ourselves on winMX. Now in Phase 2 we begin
   the Development Period. For this we need some decent programmers, graphics, logistics, etc. Pretty much anyone
   in Dev that has a hand to lend.
   Now, Im not going to go too in depth just yet for Phase 2 and Phase 3 because simply put, ideas and the plan
   laid out is always subject to change as we develop new ideas that replace old ones. However, at this point, as much
   research as possible is needed:
   P2P Development --
   WinMX Support --
   Forum section regarding WinMX Chat Servers:,5.0.html
   Forum section regarding WinMX Chat Clients:,6.0.html
   Forum section regarding WinMX Bots:,7.0.html
   Now, after reading through just these few links, we begin to see that there is in fact a diamond in the rough so to speak.
   Imagine if we had control of the TDL-4 botnet or could at least recreate it.But that comes in time, for now the main
   focus should be placed on doing one of two things: either release a new WinMX patch, which would satisfy their community as well
   and give us insight OR we begin building our own Network entirely. What should we do? Any Ideas?
   We then move on to testing for security vulnerabilities. And play around with it until it is ready to be released.
   Phase 3 -- Launch
   So here we are, we have gathered research and worked as an organized Dev team to build something that our entire community
   may benefit from in a large way. If it passes all testing and the such, we then devise when would be best to launch what we have
   So in conclusion, I think it would be awesome for the Dev team to take on this project. Plus it will clear up alot of issues I
   have seen posted in different threads on the forum regarding, IRC, Chatbox, Anonymity while communicating etc...
   If you'd be interested in helping with this project, don't be shy! And thank you all again, for excepting me to this Team
   and may we have many more amazing projects in the future!
   --- Sl0xX

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