How To Share Torrent or Magnet Files Using WinMX

This tutorial explains how to use WinMX to share torrent or magnet files with other users to allow for a large cluster of users using a bit torrent client to share an identical file.
As many of you know WinMX has a similar facility but for larger numbers of sharers bittorrent (BT) has shown itself as being very simple to utilise given enough sources for any given file.

To take advantage of the BT filesharing mechanism we need to look at how to set up the library in WinMX to share any magnets or torrents  

Configuring the WinMX Library

If your new to winMx and need a bit of help to guide you through this topic take a peek here fist before proceeding.

Lets first head over to the Settings button and locate the Library options
Configuring the WinMX Library

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