OpenNap - SlavaNap Login

This section covers the SlavaNap login system, this part of the Client to Server connection is the most important and and yet the most simple in many respects.

This diagram provides a visual overview of the "Logging-in" procedure and we will look at some packet dumps below.

As you can see the Server seems to repeat itself, however its likely this is simply redundancy and should not affect a Client in anyway.

Lets look at the first exchange in further detail, the client will send a <2> packet to the server.

The server will now reply in turn with a <3> packet.

Following this transaction the Client should now send its list of shared files to the Server using the <870> packet, during this time the Server will contact us again to let us know its status using the <621> Server motd packet.

In the image above the packet has been clipped short however the <621> packet type is used frequently to deliver string messages and these are the ones that normally appear in the "Server Message Box" in the WinMX client.

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