Core Development Group - Guide Index

Here is a selection of technical and reference guides that I hope will be of help to you all.

Index One - General Information

What is the WPN?

Connecting to the WPN - Secondary Client method

WPN/WinMX File Hashing - Technical Description

Index Two - Secondary Operations

Secondary To Primary Login Sequence

Secondary Client Chat List Sequence

Secondary Client Browse Sequence

Secondary Client Private Message Sequences

Secondary Client Whois Sequence

Index Three - Secondary File-Sharing Operations

Secondary Client File Request Sequence

Secondary Client File Transfer Management

Secondary Client File Queing System

Secondary Client File Transport Mechanism

Index Four - Useful Tools

The Nushi WinMX/WPN Protocol Logger Tool Help Guide

The Nushi WPN UDP Logger Tool Setup Guide

Please ask in the loopback area for anything you require or need help with.

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