The UDP Sniffer Tool

This is a handy tool if you need to identify all the different UDP packet types available on the WPN or just want to watch the traffic for statistical purposes.
You can obtain the tool from here

To make it work you will need it to be placed in the same folder as the WinMX executable and this will mean renaming the WinMX patch dll to ws2_32o.dll if your using the older patch version.


You will need to be on the Primary network to use this tool as the Secondary network does not use UDP traffic.
Once you start the tool up  (by simply starting WinMX), you will be greeted with absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, this program instead logs to a file in the WinMX folder named UDPLog.txt , and you will be able to see the results there when you close the WinMX application.

Please take note that the size of the generated text file can be a problem if the logger is left to run too long and notepad will likely use up an excessive amount of ram when the file is over about 2MB.

Note For Linux users:
There are only two dependencies for this file the KERNEL32.DLL and the USER32.dll, although when run as described above you will not need to bother with adding any additional libraries.

My thanks to Nushi@2SN for the use of his UDP Logger tool in this Guide.

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