Why Do I Keep Seeing Users In Que For Several Copies Of The Same File

There are a few reason that you might see this happen.  It can be quite aggravating if you're not sure of the cause.  
Rest assured its not usually anything sinister going on.

Happens With OpenNap

If you're an OpenNap user along with WinMX, you will most likely see this very often if you connect to more then one Open Nap Server.  As you have probably noticed WinMX is set up for multisorced downloads, this means that when you find a file you want and select it to download other files that match this one and can be added to this download will turn Yellow.  
On OpenNap however its not multisource download (while using WinMX and OpenNap) but because your file will list for every OpenNap Server you are connected to, when it's selected for download by a user, the other files (listed on other Nap Servers) turn that loverly color we all want to see, meaning they match.  Unfortunately most users don't realize that queuing for all of them just gets them 15 copies of the same file instead of 15 sources for one file.

Often the best thing to do is to explain this to them via PM if possible, and when its not possible you may find that the only cure is to unshare that file for a time.

Non OpenNap Causes

WinMX v3.54 users may find this happening to them as well when they are NOT using OpenNap.  The reason is often they have accidentally shared more then one copy of the same files and as explained above when one is selected for download the other turns that lovely Yellow meaning matching file, with the same results two copies of one file.

The reason for this is that WinMX v3.54 when you share a folder it has a tick box on it for sharing sub folders, this is ticked by default.  Often you don't notice it and continue on sharing all your folders including ones inside ones you have already shared, making two or more copies of the same file available for download.  Because the file paths are different WinMX treats them as two separate files.

The cure is to either not share subfolders separately or to untick that when your choosing folders to share.  Once you have them shared only once the multiple requests will stop as well.

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