WinMX Settings - Miscellaneous

At the top of this window you will notice that you can choose one of three boxes.
When you click the [X] button of the WinMX program it can do one of three things.
The top Prompt choice if you tick that, when you click [X] you will be given a box asking you what you want to do with WinMX.

The top selection just puts WinMX into your task bar so that it still runs downloading and uploading and you can access it again by double clicking on it's icon in the task bar near the clock, or you can click exit and the program will completely close stopping all uploads and downloads.
If you have current downloads running there will be a extra option there to close when the downloads have finished.

The second selection 'Minimize to Tray'. When you click [X] will make the WinMX program minimise to your tray and you can access it again by double clicking its icon in the task bar.

And the third option just lets the program close when you press the [X] option.

In the center of this you will notice 'Start WinMX Hidden in System Tray Automatically When Computer Starts'.
This basically makes a start up entry on your computer so that every time you start your computer WinMX loads and connects.
Very useful if you use WinMX a lot.

At the bottom is 'Winmx Main Thread Priority'

Leave this on Normal as setting them too high can use extra resources on your computer or make it become unstable and setting it too low can seriously hamper your enjoyment of WinMX.

This information brought to you by Tiny 4eva, many thanks for his hard work on this.

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