WinMX Settings - Internet Connection - Outgoing TCP

This part of the settings is to allow you to connect via a proxy, which was made to 'hide' your IP address. The correct setting here for 99.9% of users is the top tick box 'Don't use a proxy server (connect directly)'. This means it is not going to make your connection through a proxy server or IP. If you're having troubles getting a Green Network Connection on WinMX be sure this is set as above.

A note about this here, although this may sound like a wonderful way to do things in this day and age of folks wanting to remain more anonymous, this actually is normally more hassle than it's worth. Most folks look to use a free proxy for this and for most web traffic this works fine however, for WinMX the free ones are not reliable enough (in most cases) to use regularly. If you decide to ever pay for a proxy server then a SOCKS4 Proxy is what most use and the information you need to enter into here will be provided with the Proxy.

The only other time I am aware that you would need to adjust this setting is if you're using a 'Hybrid Satellite' Service for your internet.  This is basically a upload on a Dial-up connection and download across the Satellite, in that case you would have a proxy setting for your downloads. Again this is rare and if you're not sure what I am talking about, don't change this.

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your
information so we can look at the issues.
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