WinMX Settings - File Launching

This is a section that allows you to set the default players and programs that WinMX will use to Play, Enqueue, View or Open files from within the WinMX Program

This is a very useful tool and doesn't really require much changing but I'll explain what it does & how to modify it.
When you are in the Library or in the Transfers window.  If you right click on a file it brings up a menu.

At the top you will notice Play and Enqueue.
If you press Play it will load up your chosen player I prefer to use winamp but it doesn't really matter, WinMX will use your default player for these things, this only need be set or messed with if you wish add file types within the WinMX program, for example adding .mp4.  

Now in the settings you can change a few things in the enqueue part.

You can add '.avi .mpeg' then you can set it to play movie's one after the other.

In Play you can also add file extensions but only put extensions that your player can actually play as it wont work otherwise.

You can also make changes to the default 'View' setting that is for Image files.  This could be used to launch almost any file from within WinMX like mp4, wav, txt etc..

Just remember do not change the %path% part as this lets your player know where the file is and it wont play the file.

This information brought to you by Tiny 4eva, many thanks for his hard work on this.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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