WinMX Settings - Channels

Another fairly simple settings page, explained below.

'Fetch channels immediately when list is opened' allows your WinMX to get a channel list automatically when you open the 'Chat' window.  

'Include topic in channel filter' allows you to basically do searches for key words from the topics as well as the already enabled keyword from 'Room Name' feature.  This is a great way to find rooms that have topics of interest to you such as 'Country Music' 'Games' etc..  Some rooms may not have these words in the actual 'room name'.

'Allow channel output backscroll over 1000 lines'.  First of all to explain this you need to understand what the back scroll is.

Above is the 'Commands' button from within a chat room.  When you click this and choose 'BackScroll Limit' then you are able to choose a limit of either 100, 300, 500, or 1000.  This basically allows you to read back in the room on the screen for up to 1000 lines.  If you also have the 'Hold Window After Part' ticked then you can see back in the room even if you fall from it up-to the point you left.  

The 'Allow Channel Output Backscroll over 1000' over rides this setting.  As you can see there is warning with this and I can assure you from personal experience if you are in any fast moving rooms this will lag your WinMX a lot if you over ride it.  Its recommended that you leave this setting 'Unticked'

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