WinMX Settings - Appearance

Ok with this you can totally customise the look and feel of your WinMX.
When you click on the Appearance link from the list on the left in Settings, you will see the several choices on the right.  

The top two settings allow you to 'Load Standard Dark Background/Light Text Defaults' or 'Load Standard Light Background/Dark Text Defaults'.
This will set all your colors to the defaults for that theme.

'Load Color Scheme From A File' allows you too load a colour file that someone has already made.
If you already have some '.clr' files downloaded, just click the button and then browse to the directory that you downloaded the colour file to.
Click open and it will Load onto your WinMX.

'Save Current Color Scheme To File' allows you to save any modifications you have made to the colours of WinMX,
and also allows you to share the file with others so they can customise their WinMX like yours.

'Search For Colour Schemes Files' starts a search for you on the WinMX main search page and allows you to download other customisations and install them.

The next three settings allow you too change the default Fonts used, if you click this it will show you what available fonts there are but, don't pick something hard to read.
Will also require you to re-start WinMX for the settings to take effect.

The second to last setting allows you too change the Language of WinMX. There are a lot of different language files available for the more popular WinMX version.
Just download your preferred language click load and find the directory that you downloaded the file too.
You can find almost all language files here:
WinMXWorld Archive - Language Files

The bottom setting returns WinMX to its default language of English.

If you want to get really adventurous, you can change the color that WinMX uses for nearly every aspect of it by clicking on the [+] beside the Appearance
will give you a list of available options that you can customise colors for.

Lets look for example at the Channel Window ie: Chat Room Window.  
Below you see just how easy it is to customise this.

And the end result...

Go mad and enjoy, and don't forget to save your color schemes you like to share with others.

This information brought to you by Tiny 4eva, many thanks for his hard work on this.

If you need more information than provided here please visit the forum for help.
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