Information on Setting Your Internet Connection Types on WinMX

This is a brief description of the Internet types that WinMX allows you to use to be displayed. This setting has very little to do with any actual speeds or settings however, we will discuss them in general here. For more information about Internet Connection Types in relation to looking for an Internet Provider it's recommended you do your research elsewhere as this is just how they pertain to WinMX.

First of all it's very important that you actually choose a Connection Type. You can set this by going to WinMX > Settings > Internet Connection. On the right you will see tick boxes for you to choose from. Choose your Connection type here. Having 'Unknown' as will happen if you don't choose one, will get you on some people's Ignore lists. On the same note this setting has almost nothing to do with speeds you will get so choosing one that is above your connection type like DSL if you're on Dial Up won't have any benefit in the speed department.

The Internet Connection type will have some effects on your WinMX. For example, WinMX will not allow you to get a primary connection if you do not have at least Cable or better chosen on this box. Once you have your ports set up correctly in your firewalls or any router/modem you have you will also be able and see the options for Hosting your own Chat room when you click the Chat Button after this is set correctly. (You must have Cable or better chosen to Host.)

If you continue to have problems after trying the above please visit the forum and post your
information so we can look at the issues.
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