Your Center for User Input, Feedback, and Help

This section of the site it being developed to allow you to see the great work of this community, and is dedicated to good help and involvement of the users to offer such help.  We all have our own experiences and help to offer on a variety of subjects.  This area is to honor and highlight the  great community that is WinMX.

We hope that you not only enjoy and benefit from whats in this section but will also consider contributing to it yourself.  Ever wanted your own web space to help users with problems, offer suggestions, or just give your experiences?  Well here is your own WinMX Help space.

Anyone wishing to contribute need only contact one of the moderators on site and let us know what you have found or have to add.  Then we can set up to receive your work and give you full credit for it.  So show us what you know!

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