Zenars ZenaBot - How To Use And Help Guide

This is a room Bot that has games and other fun items as standard unlike many of the other more complicated bots that require more work to set up and operate.
The programmer Zenar does not have a site of his own and has allowed us to host this for him for you all to use, you can get it from here.

You will need to place the contents of the Rar file into its own folder, as shown below.

How to use the ZenaBot
Click on the file called "ZenaBot.exe" and you will be asked to input a room name and a bot name, as shown below.
Its important to get the room name correct.

This is the main display window.

You will notice there is a connection status indicator that can be red for disconnected, yellow for connecting and green for connected placed in the middle of the "reload configs" and "disconnect" button.
The three option buttons shown are fairly self explanatory but we'll walk through them anyway.

"Open configs in notepad"
This opens the config file (ZBConfig.ini) and allows you to make changes and save them , and also modify some of the bots messages and the in-built game settings.

"Reload Configs"
This does exactly as it says and reloads the config file, this is usually done if you modify the config file and want to update the changes without restarting the bot.

this disconnects the Bot from the room host you entered in the room box, you will need to press the long "Enter" button again to return to the main screen.

To operate the games you need to enter the following simple start commands into the chat room
!hang  - For the hangman game.
!lingo  - To start the lingo game
!master -  To run the mastermind game.

Important Ensure the bot is logged in as an admin or it may not be able to receive the triggers correctly,
you can do this automatically by adding the bots login password to the config file "Bot" section at the bottom of the file.

As you can see the main portion of the bots operation is in the construction of the config file and luckily this is mostly pre-set up
and should work as-is for most users without any changes needing to be made.
For those who want to venture into making changes here's how to do so.

Modifying the config file

There are five sections to the config file and they break down into simple text string reply messages or on/off settings.

Connection - Sets the room name, bot name, line type and file count that your bot will send to chat room.
Admin/Banned - Contains a list of those able to reset the bot etc (admin), and a list of those who the bot will ignore.
Colours - Various message colour settings
Library of words - This is the list of words that your bot can use in the games and path to find them (default file is Library.ini).
Hangman - Some settings here for the hangman game such as amount of guesses and enable/disable game.
Lingo  - Settings here for the Lingo game such as amount of guesses and enable/disable game.
Mastermind - Settings for the mastermind game including enable/disable and amount of tries etc.
Bot - This is the most public area of this bot controlling as it does the room entry and leaving messages and room log in function for those that support this, also are a selection of "triggers" that can set in the bot to generate a reply and some examples for you to be able to add your own replies.

List of supported variables
The following variables added to your trigger responses will function as they are supposed to and exchange the variable for the correct response.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful in explaining how this program operates if you have any further questions please post them on the forum.

This program is another useful addition from Zenar who is active on many of the WinMX related forums especially MxControl, where you can find him.

Thanks go to Zenar from us all for taking the time to build this : )

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