OpenNap 828 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 827 ] - 0x33C - Client or Server - Channel List Request Response

  <PacketLength><PacketType><channel> <users> <n1> <level> <limit> "<topic>"

      <channel>  This is the string name of the Channel.
      <users>    This is the current quantity of users in the above channel
       <n1>      This is either 0 or 1. If the channel was user created this will be 1, 0 if a Server defined channel
      <level>    This the mimimum user level required for entry into the above channel
      <limit>    This is the maximum number of users allowed in the above channel
      "<topic>" This is the "topic" of the room, this should be a description of the channel focus, help, band, ebooks etc.

       This packet is sent in response to a Client <827> "Get Full Channel List Request".

       The Server sends a list of <828> packets, one for each channel hosted on the Server,
       This includes "hidden" channels that don't show up in the normal channel list.

       NAPSTER  Compatible
       OPENNAP  Compatible
       SLAVANAP Compatible

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