OpenNap 640 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 640 ] - 0x280 - Client or Server - Direct Browse Request


      <PacketLength><PacketType><nick> [<ip> <port>]

      <nick> This is the username string of the client to be browsed however if this is sent by the server it
         will contain the requesting users name string.

      <ip> This is the IP to use if the Client to be browsed is firewalled (indicated by port 0).
      <port> This is the port to be used if the Client to be browsed is firewalled.

        A Client will use this packet to request initiate a direct Client to Client browse of the user, <nick>'s shared files

        The Server will also send this packet to indicate to the specified user that a third party wishes to browse their files.

        Both <ip> and <port> may be given if the client getting browsed is firewalled but are optional.

        NAPSTER  Compatible
        OPENNAP  Compatible
        SLAVANAP Compatible

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