OpenNap 619 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 619 ] - 0x26B - Client to Server - Download Denied: Local Upload Limit Reached

     <PacketLength><PacketType><nick> "<filename>" <n>

      <nick> This is the username string of the user this applies to.
      "<filename>" This is the name of the file that triggered the over limit condition.
      <n> This is the integer of simultaneous downloads allowed.

        A Client may limit the number of downloads from a particular Client. The filename field is optional.
        Once the limit for a particular user has been reached, the uploading Client can send this packet to notify the downloader
        that they have hit the limit and can't have any more simultaneous downloads.


        joebob "C:\MP3\Generic Band - Generic Song.mp3" 3

        NAPSTER  Compatible
        OPENNAP  Compatible
        SLAVANAP Compatible

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