OpenNap 616 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 616 ] - 0x268 - Server to Client - Server Ban List Response

      <PacketLength><PacketType><ip> <nick> "<reason>" <time> <n>

      <ip>   This is the string version of the IP banned
      <nick> This is the user getting the ban
      <reason> This is the reason given for the ban
      <time> is the time_t when the ban was set
      <n>    is an unknown flag.  value is either 0 or 1

      This message is sent in response to the <615> Client request, one for each ban.

      The list is terminated with a 0 length <615> message from the Server.


      207.172.245. valkyrie "DoS exploit" 947304224 0

      NAPSTER  Compatible
      OPENNAP  Compatible
      SLAVANAP Compatible

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