OpenNap 604 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 604 ] - 0x25C - Server to Client - Whois Request Response

     <nick> "<user-level>" <time> "<channels>" "<status>" <shared>
     <downloads> <uploads> <link-type> "<client-info>" [ <total downloads> <total_uploads>
     <ip> <connecting port> <data port> <email> [<server>]]

      <user-level>  This is one of "User", "Moderator", "Admin" or "Elite"
      <time>        This is the quantity of time in seconds this user has been connected (uptime)
      <channels>    This is the list of channels the Client is a member of, each separated by a space (ASCII 32)
      <status>      This is one of "Active", "Inactive" (offline) or "Remote" (on a different server)
      <shared>      This is number of files user has available for download
      <downloads>   This is the current number of downloads in progress.
      <uploads>     This is the current number of uploads in progress
      <link-type>   This is the line speed integer, see info below for acceptable values.
      <client-info> This is the Client version string.

          0    unknown
          1    14.4 kbps
          2    28.8 kpbs
          3    33.6 kbps
          4    56.7 kbps
          5    64K ISDN
          6    128K ISDN
          7    Cable
          8    DSL
          9    T1
          10   T3 or greater

    The following fields are displayed for user level "moderator" and above.

     <total uploads>    This is the total number of uploads undertaken by the specified user.
     <total downloads>  This is the total number of downloads undertaken by the specified user.
     <ip>               This can be "unavailable" but is normally the ip string of the specified user.
     <connecting port>  This the listening port of this user.
     <data port>        This is the dataport of this user, if zero (0) user is firewalled.
     <email>            This is the email address of this user often anonymous or "unavailable"
     <server>           This is used only by SlavaNap and OpenNap servers. this displays which Server the Client is connected to.


      lefty "User" 1203 "80's " "Active" 0 0 0 3 "nap v0.8"

     This packet is received in response to a Whois enquiry packet <600>.

       NAPSTER  Compatible
       OPENNAP  Compatible
       SLAVANAP Compatible

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