OpenNap 501 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 501 ] - 0x01F5 - Server to Client - Firewalled Download Acknowledged Notification

     <PacketLength><PacketType><nick> <ip> <port> "<filename>" <md5> <speed>

       <nick>       This is the username string of the Client who wishes to download the specified file.
       <ip>         This is the IP string of the downloading Client.
       <port>       This is the dataport port of the requesting Client
       "<filename>" This is the name string of the requested file.
       <md5>        This is the MD5 Hash of the file that has been requested.
       <speed>      This is the line speed of the requesting Client.

        This packet is sent to the uploader when their data port is set to zero (0) to indicate they
        are behind a firewall and need to push all data outward.
        The uploader is responsible for connecting to the downloader to transfer the file.

       NAPSTER  Compatible
       OPENNAP  Compatible
       SLAVANAP Compatible

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