OpenNap 408 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 408 ] - 0x198 - Server to Client - Chat Channel User List Notification

     <PacketLength><PacketType><channel> <user> <sharing> <link-type>

       <channel>  This is the string name of the channel that the users are in.
       <user>      This is the username string of a user in the specified channel.
       <sharing>   This is the quantity of files shared by the specified user.
       <link-type> This is the line speed / connection type integer of the specified user, see the format below.

          0    unknown
          1    14.4 kbps
          2    28.8 kpbs
          3    33.6 kbps
          4    56.7 kbps
          5    64K ISDN
          6    128K ISDN
          7    Cable
          8    DSL
          9    T1
         10   T3 or greater

       There will be one packet sent per user in the relevant chat channel.
       This message is identical to the join <406> packet.  
       The Server will send the list of users in the channel prior to the Client join command in this packet.  
       Joins that occur after the Client has joined will be noted by a <406> packet.

       NAPSTER  Compatible
       OPENNAP  Compatible
       SLAVANAP Compatible

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