OpenNap 407 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 407 ] - 0x197 - Server to Client - Left Chat Channel Notification

       <PacketLength><PacketType><channel> <user> <sharing> <link-type>

        <channel>    This is the name of the channel this user has left.
        <user>       This is the users nick / username.
        <sharing>    This is the quantity of files shared by this user.
        <link-type>  This is the linespeed / connection type integer as shown in the following format

          0    unknown
          1    14.4 kbps
          2    28.8 kpbs
          3    33.6 kbps
          4    56.7 kbps
          5    64K ISDN
          6    128K ISDN
          7    Cable
          8    DSL
          9    T1
          10   T3 or greater

        This packet is to deliver the info of the chat user to the channel users and the Server will announce in channel the message.

         <user> has left <channel>


        80's DLongley 23 7

      NAPSTER  Compatible
      OPENNAP  Compatible
      SLAVANAP Compatible

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