OpenNap 216 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 216 ] - 0xD8 - Server to Client - Resume Search Results

     <PacketLength><PacketType><user> <ip> <port> <filename> <checksum> <size> <speed>

     <user>     This is the username string of a remote client who has a matching file to the one requested.
     <ip>         This is the IP of the user with the matching file.
     <port>     This is the port of the user.
     <filename> This is the filename of the hash matching file, remote possibility of being a different file but possible.
     <checksum> This is the MD5 hash of the file that should match the one that we are searching for.
     <size>        This is the size of the file that has the same hash as the one we are searching for.
     <speed>    This is the line speed/ connection type of the user who has the matching hash file.

      This message contains the matches for the resume request <215>.  The list is terminated by a <217> packet.

      NAPSTER  Compatible
      OPENNAP  Compatible
      SLAVANAP Compatible

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