OpenNap 214 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 214 ] - 0xD6 - Client or Server - Statistics Update Request

     Client : <PacketLength><PacketType><empty>

     server : <PacketLength><PacketType><users><size><# files> <size> ["GB" <myfiles>]

      <users>   This is the number of users currently on the Server
      <size>    This is the approximate total library size in gigabytes
      <myfiles> This is number of files shared by the user who is receiving this packet, this is an optional field.

     This packet is sent by the Server occasionaly without request, "GB" text is added by Napster server since version 10.3


     Old Format :  553 64692 254
     New Format :  553 64692 254 GB 102

     NAPSTER  Compatible
     OPENNAP  Compatible
     SLAVANAP Compatible

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