OpenNap 212 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 212 ] - 0xD4 - Server to Client - Browse Query Results

     <PacketLength><PacketType><nick> "<filename>" <md5> <size> <bitrate> <frequency> <time>

        <nick> This is a the name of the user who has the file
        "<filename>" This is the name of the file
        <md5> This is the MD5 hash of the named file  
        <size> This is the file size of the named file in bytes
        <bitrate> This is the bitrate of the mp3 file in kbps, if the file is not an MP3 this will not contain anything
        <frequency> This is a the sample frequency of the mp3 file in Hz, as above this will not have a value unless the file is an MP3
        <time> This is the "duration" or "time" of the mp3 named file in seconds, see above for non mp3 value.


        foouser "generic band - generic song.mp3" b92870e0d41bc8e698cf2f0a1ddfeac7 443332 128 44100 60

        NAPSTER  Compatible
        OPENNAP  Compatible
        SLAVANAP Compatible

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