OpenNap 10115 Packet Format

[ Packet Type 10115 ] - 0x2783 - Client or Server - Display Server Statistics Data

   Client : <PacketLength><PacketType><empty>

   Server : <PacketLength><PacketType><clients><servers><files><gigs>

     This command is used by administrators to get information about the state of the Server.

       <clients>  Number of locally connected Clients
       <servers>  Number of locally connected Servers
       <users>    Total number of global users
       <files>    Number of files in the db
       <gigs>     Total size of all files shared
       <channels> Number of active channels
       <time>     Time at which the Server was started
       <uptime>   Number of seconds of uptime
       <memory>   If debugging is enabled, this will show the memory currently in use, otherwise it will be -1
       <numusers> Number of registered users

       OPENNAP  Compatible
       SLAVANAP Compatible

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