WSX file format Info

WSX files are files used by the OpenNap side of the WinMX filesharing client, they contain data relating to openanp server names and connection information, they are called "wsx" files simply because they end with that specific 3 digit file type prefix.
An example: PUBLIC xxx xxx xxx xxx .wsx

This data is based on the reading of a quantity of WSX files and so whilst there is a high degree of confidence in the file format this is in no way an official rendering of the specification.

WSX File Format
This is the normal view when you open up a WSX file in notepad, I have selcted just one set of entries to save space btw.

Let us look at a simple single entry found in a wsx file using notepad or other simple text editor.


This breaks down into the following fields

N: ROOT*: Start of Entry Marker, this can be utilised as an index counter by counting how many times this occurs in the wsx file
N: xxxxxx Server Public Name string**
P: 1234:Server Public Port
T: NORMAL one of three possible entries , NORMAL, META, USE_100_COMMAND
A: DDNS entry to allow for those using a non static IP to have traffic routed to them using the dns lookup.
Newline = End of Entry Marker

If no port is specified with an entry we assume port 8888

An actual wsx file name produced by the WinMX client always has a file name that contains the word "PUBLIC" followed by the creation year, month and day style of date + 3 further future date entries  in the following format

PUBLIC 20050428 20050429 20050430 20050501.wsx

* = I have described this as ROOT simply because this format is usually displayed in a treeview style of window display and this item appears as a root entry unlike the strings following that become branch or child entries as shown below

** = These can be multiple entries under a single ROOT entry and should appear child entries in the tree view

seperator seem to be : and a following space

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