WinZo -  The WPN / WinMX Compatible File Sharing Client - How To And Help Guide

This program is an open source  WinMX / WPN secondary filesharing Client coded in C# by "Amon Duul", please note this program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to operate, if you have XP service pack 2 installed you already have the required package.

The authors site is now no longer available but you  can obtain a copy of the program from the WinMXWorld archive here


You will need to make a new folder in  "Program Files" and call it "WinZo", then place the downloaded zip file into it, next right click on the file and select either WinZip or Winrar's "extract here" message.
Your files should now look like this and your ready to go.

Setting Winzo Up

When WinZo is first started up it will generate three new files in the WinZo folder and these will contain various settings such as your username and the path to your shared files etc as well as the path for incoming files, these files do virtually the same function as the WinMX .dat files.

You may  be asked by your firewall to allow WinZo through. Remember to tick the appropriate tick box so it wont keep asking you each time you start WinZo up.
If all has gone well you should now be connected and seeing the screen below.

Using WinZo

Navigating your way around WinZo is fairly easy for most WinMX users but we shall walk through the system of "Tabbed" displays it uses and look into what each one has to offer.

Network Tab

This is the "Network" tab, you can select other pages by simply clicking on the appropriate tabs at the top of the program.
On this tab you can  do the following

Connect and Disconnect from the WPN network - These two buttons are self explanatory in that one disconnects you from the network and the other connects you.
Connect as localhost - This Function is likely to be of use if your hosting with a chat Server and find yourself unable to enter.
UserName - This is identical to the change username function of  the WinMX Client
Computer isn't firewalled.... - Our advice is to tick this setting and set up your firewall/router to match the port selected (6699 default) to allow a properly set up type of connection rather than the winmx "both users firewalled" type connection that may make it hard to get files from other users.
Filter XXX-content in searches - Ticking this will filter out adult titles by utilising a selection of fixed keywords, untick to view all results appearing in search results.
Enable download logging - This is often helpful if your diagnosing a file transfer problem with a particular user.
Check AVI structures while downloading - With this ticked it can be indicated to you before completion of an AVI file that the file is in someway corrupt or damaged before you download it all and face disappointment.

Library Tab

In the "Library" Tab you can add files to be shared by using the "Add Shared Folder" button, and remove folders/files already shared by using the "Remove Shared Folder" Button.
You can also change the incoming files folder where your downloads will arrive, this can be done using the "Change" button and selecting or creating a new folder of any name you choose although its advisable to ensure you use the root (Normally C: ) of your drive to create a shared folder in as this ensures your logged on (windows log in) name does not appear in anyones "full path" searches.

Search Tab

The "Search" Tab is based on the WinMX layout except the "filter" box is normally under the title box, in WinZO it has been shifted along the screen. Lets take a look at the actual boxes and buttons.

Search Box - This is the box where you will need to enter the name of the file or artist you are looking for.
Media Type Selection Box -This drop down box allows you to refine your search to certain types of file or all types.

Search - This button starts the search for the files you are looking for.
Download - The download button is used to download any files highlighted, to hightlight a file you need only click on the one you want in the big results box.
Collapse(+) - This button will make any identical files appear as one in the results list with a (+) besides them
Unfold  (-) - This button will seperate results for identical files into a list with all the users having it listed individualy.
Full Path - This button will show the full path of the file this basically means the drive and folder path of the machine the files are stored in can be shown.

[Filter Box] - The filter box can be used to help refine your search by ignoring file names containing the filtered word. This is most helpful when a popular file-name is making it hard to find the one your after.  
Close - This button will close any search wondows open, one at a time if you have more than one open, remember to close all searches after you have found what you are looking for as otherwise you risk wasting your bandwidth while WinZo continues to search.

Transfer Tab

Messaging Tab

This Tab will display a message window only if you have clicked on a username in the Chat Tab window and clicked the "Message" button.

Chat Tab

The Chat Tab as you can see is rather simple to use in that you can either select a room from the list or use the filter to help you search for the room without having to look through them all.
You may reload the chat room list at any time by clicking the "Reload List" button.

Once you have selected the chat room of your choice by clicking on its name to highlight it, you then need only to click on the "join" Button to enter the room.

As you can see its a standard style of chat window where you enter your messages in the lower box and click "Send" to enter the message into the chat room.
If you wish to hold a private conversation with any of the room members you will need to click on their username on the right hand userlist panel and then click the "message" button, this will then switch to the "Message" Tab window where you may converse in private.

Our thanks go to "Amon Duul" for this excellent program and his making it open source for others to continue working on it if they choose, cheers "Amon"

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