Using WinMX With Win7

This guide was written for WinMX Users having difficulties installing and using the program with windows 7 (Win7).

Installing WinMX On Win7

The installion process is pretty much self explanatory, however we will need to make some changes so lets walk through the whole process.

We need to set the default language, chose the one you prefer from the drop down box

Moving on, we see this screen next, lets skip past this one by clicking "Next".

The next page contains the installer licence agreement, if you agree with its terms click "Next" if you do not then cancel the installation.

Next you will be asked where you wish WinMX to be installed, the default location is shown below.

You may notice a new (x86) item in the file path you select in some versions of Win7, this is nothing to be worried about and simply indicates the 32 or 64 bit nature of your installation

This screen allows you to select how many shortcuts to the WinMX program you require.

This is another of those non-essential screens, simply click the "Install" button to move on.

This is the last installer file screen but not the last unfortunately, leave the "Launch WinMX" box ticked and let us move on to the actual WinMX installer by pressing "Finish"

At this stage the normal WinMX setup wizard takes over and should present no problems to most users, please note the following install stages that you will need to watch out for

Finalising WinMX Settings On Win7

When the installer asks what directory you would like downloads saved in as in the image below, note that the default directories WinMX selects no longer work in Win7 due to changes in both the permission system and the layout of the \user\documents tree.

You will notice that it says "my Music" but in Win7 it has been renamed to "Music"
Now click the "Browse" button that is circled in red and you will see a screen similar to the following

click the triangle next to your username to expand its folders and choose the one you wish to use.
In win7 the prompt will say "My Music" but as you will notice in the following screenshot after you select "My Music" the directory in the path entry field now just says "Music" (the same as on Vista).

Continue through the installer as normal until its fully completed.

It is not necessary to run WinMX in compatibility mode.

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