Using WinMX With Win10

This guide was written for users having difficulties installing or using the WinMX program with windows 10 (Win10).

Installing WinMX On Win10

The WinMX program installion process is pretty much self explanatory, however we will need to make some important changes so lets begin.

Right click on the actual Winmx.exe file and select "Properties" from the menu that appears.

When the properties window appears click on the "Compatibility" tab.  

From there put a check in the box nest to "Run in compatibility mode for:"
Once that box is checked go to the drop-down just below you should now be able to use the drop-down to select previous versions of windows. We recommend you either select Windows 7 or Windows XP (Service pack 3).

Now Click on "Apply" and then "Ok"

You can now start up WinMX, take note that you may have to reset some of your existing preferences.
If you are also running MX Monitor you will need to ensure that you are running it in admin mode
(right click mouse and Select "Run as Administrator"), Mx Monitor will start WinMX up as normal.

This tutorial was made possible with the help of forum member Trebor and our good friend Reef whom provided all the great images, cheers to you both and please accept a big thank you from the rest of the community

A special mention also goes out to White Stripes for some very helpful Feedback : ))

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