Using WinMX On Windows Vista

This guide was written for WinMX Users having difficulties installing and using the program with windows Vista (Vista).

There are some important changes made in some of the default directories used by WinMX and some other potential problems with some of Vista's new security/permission mechanisms, this guide will steer you through all the known potential issues before they become problems.

Installing WinMX

The installer is pretty much self explanatory however we may need to make a few important changes so lets walk through it.

The installer offers a choice of languages, select the language of your choice.

Moving on, we see this screen next, lets skip past this one by clicking "Next".

The next page is one we must pay attention to. It contains the installer licence agreement, if you agree with its terms click "Next" if you do not then cancel the installation.

Next you will be asked where you wish WinMX to be installed, the default location is shown below.
You may notice a new (x86) item in the file path you select in some versions of Vista, this is nothing to be worried about and should be left alone and ignored.

This screen allows you to select how many shortcuts to the WinMX program you require.

This is another of those non-essential screens, simply click the "Install" button to move on.

This is the last installer file screen but not the last unfortunately, leave the "Launch WinMX" box ticked and let us move on to the actual WinMX installer by pressing "Finish"

This is another licence file and this ones for the actual WinMX software itself, once again of you agree to its terms then click "Accept", if you dont agree then press "Decline" and the installion will end.

For this screen we simply need to follow the prompts and make sure we are connected to the internet to allow WinMX to undertake some connectivity tests.

Time to enter our username.

Now we tell WinMX our approximate location on the planet earth.

This is an important part - Select a folder where you want any incoming files to end up, you may notice the new path suggested for Vista users, make sure you use this new location instead of any other one WinMX may suggest.

Now we set our line type so WinMX can set out how to optimise our traffic.

WinMX will now undertake some online tests I mentioned a few images ago to test our Ports.

Vista has now noticed WinMX wants to speak with the outside world! You will need to press the "Unblock" button now so WinMX can continue it's online tests.

Most WinMX users often sit up late and so they have tired eyes, the default black screen is preffered by most users.

We seemed to have reached the end of our quest

See you on the Network :)

It is not necessary to run WinMX in compatibility mode.

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