How to get a IP address from a Whois

Note: This will only work if the user is using a Primary connection (the majority of users are on secondary)

Right click and select option whois to obtain a name followed by numbers and a "hash" (e.g. 48 6e b5 da 18 71)

The hash number is their IP address in hexadecimal, in reverse order (plus another 4 bytes for the port number).
Using the windows calculator (on the scientific setting), we can work out the address quite simply.

Example : 486eb5da1871 so thats 48 6e b5 da 18 71 .

First take the 1871 and type it into the calculator on hex setting then click on the decimal button for the result ,this gives us the port number (in this case 6257)

Following on we do the same for each set of two digits but in reverse order so..

And so is the fictional address using port 6257.

The only use I can think of for this information is if you are receiving pm messages of a malicious/abusive nature, in which case you may want to report them to their internet provider.  

You can do this by using Arul John's IP Tracker online, its a useful frightener.

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