Setting up a fire wall for WinMX, Vista style

Vista firewall is slightly different from Windows XP

WinMX will not connect, no downloads or uploads?  Try this out:

Go into WinMX Click “Settings”

Look down the left hand side for a menu called “Internet Connection” click the “+” at the side of it. The list will drop down Click on “Incoming TCP Connections”

As you can see the WinMX TCP port set to the default “6699”. Now on the left hand side click on “In/Out UDP Packets”:

As you can also see the WinMX UDP port set to the default ”6257”

If you use either default or custom ports try to remember these numbers as you will need them later.

Now go to Start ---> Control panel ---> Windows Firewall
Now you should see this:

Click “Change setting”
You will now see this window:

Now click Exceptions you will get this window:

(You may see “WinMX Application” this should be here and the box should be checked - even thou it doesn't seem to work)
Now you are here Click “Add port” and you will get this window:

IN put the name “WinMX” and the TCP port number “6699” if using the default already supplied in WinMX. Under the “Protocol” bullet selector is make sure it is set to TCP.
Now click “OK”
Click “Add port” again put the name as “WinMX” but this time put the UDP port as “6257”, again if using the default supplied in WinMX.  Under the “Protocol” bullet selector is make sure it is set to UDP
Click “OK”

IN the button that says change scope needs to be set to any computer includeing those on the internet and the other is under advanced tab  local area connection settings tab you often need to set the tcp and udp ports for winmx there also.

Now that your have done that click “Apply” in “Windows Firewall Settings” then “OK”

Now your Winmx should be set up through your Windows Vista firewall

Happy Downloading!!  Long live WinMX!

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