How to use Trunk 2005 - Trimming Help and How To Guide

If like the rest of us you have come across a file that seems to not want to continue downloading even though you know the person who has the file is the same one you got if from earlier, or a few folks are not connecting on a multi-sourced download you may have a small section of corruption in the file, if this is the case then try out this great tool from Ringlord.

You can get the Trunk2005 tool from here and place it into a folder.

To get started you will only need to run the program as there is no installer to mess with.

I saw this update checker window pop up too on my firwewall, you can block this if you wish.

This is the main screen and as you can see its well laid out and easy to operate.

As you can see the Orange box is for where you will need to open an incomplete file in your incoming folder and the
Yellow one is for if you wish to use a backup folder (recommended).

To trim an incomplete file you will need to select the file from your incoming/shared folder, this can be of any WinMX-usable file type.

It is a good idea to create a backup folder and have a copy of the file stored there in case something goes wrong, although nothing ever has for me.
I have selected a file and also the path to a backup folder and we are ready to proceed.

All that is left is to now select the amount of the file we wish to trim back in the case of an mp3.
I recommend 64 kb to start off with as that should be more than plenty for many files and save having to repeat the
operation and with video files I would choose the 256k option for a similar reason.
You can of course make smaller cuts but you may end up having to repeat this operation
a few times to get the damaged portion removed from the file.

Once a size has been selected the "Trunk" button will become ungreyed and you will only have to push it for the job to be done.

If all has gone well a notice will be displayed after your file has been backed up and "Trunked".

To get your file back in the WinMX window to finish off you will need to press the "load Incomplete" button.

Once it is in the window click on the file and you will now be able to select the
"Find Sources Now" and this should allow you to continue the file once a user with it is located.


There is only one more button we need to investigate and that is the "Options" button in the lower half of the program.

With this box we can select whether Trunk2005 opens or whether it takes a
preselected amount off the end of a file when we drag it and drop it over the trunk icon.

Happy trimming folks, and remember to delete any no-longer needed backups once you have the rest of the file successfully.

Many thanks to RingLord who has made this program available for us all to use, Grazie RingLord

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