Help Stop Abuse Porn

This page is here to assist you in reporting any illegal and unsavoury material that you may find being shared across the network, it may be child related or equally vile or repugnant acts of abusive depravity being inflicted on some unfortunate and vulnerable soul in dire need of help.

We cannot with good concience stand by silently when faced with such a challenge, so how can we support the victims of such activity ?

Many of the folks I have discussed this problem with have said they felt frustrated in not being able to report these criminals because they didnt know what to do or exactly who to report such material to.

This page is here to address that knowledge deficeit and empower you by making it clear what we all need to do to ensure such abusers do not prosper here. Simply because abusers are hiding behind a screen and think no one will catch up with them does not make it reality, lets herd these scum into prison.

Step 1 - Confirm The Activity

If you see anyone sharing such images, DO NOT download anything, instead simply right click on the username and select Browse from the menu.

Doing this acts to confirm that the search result is real and gives us the WinMX Hash address of the actual sharer.

If you cannot get a Browse on a user go back to the search results window and ping them, a lack of ping will confirm the listing is void and can be safely ignored.

Step 2 - Screenshot The Activity

Next we need to make a visual record of what we have seen and we can do this by using any program that can grab a screenshot. I use this old program here.

Once you have a screenshotting tool Screenshot the Browse listing and ensure you can see the WinMX Hash address in the shot frame as well as a selection of the troubling file names that offer clearly illegal or underage activities (you may have to take a few images to show the scale of the material shared).
To help speed up the investigation  make sure you record the time in 24 hour clock format (Preferably in UTC) and the date (in DayMonthYear format) as part of the image titles eg: T20-47D04M03Y19-001  

Step 3 - Screenshot The IP

To undertake this step we need to grab a tool from the archive, Click here to download it.

Run the tool and enter the Winmx Hash located in the top right of the Browse window, now simply press the "convert" button to display the real IP address.
We will need to create a screenshot of this data also.

Step 4 - Report The Activity

The actual website you will end up on will vary but if you start here and follow the directions to a more local authority for your global region you are nearly done.

If your country is not listed check out the two websites at the bottom of the VirtualGlobalTaskforce page and make your report there instead.

Ok all the hard work is done and the abusers have no clue they have been reported, this makes it easy for the authorities to catch them red handed and help prevent further abuses.
We all know the old saying regarding "Good people doing nothing is all it takes to allow the spread of evil".

Lets all do our bit and report abusers and those that are encouraged by such images before they find their next victim.

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