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ShareGuard is an interesting open source program written by Bender and Zhen XLogic that will index the files of users in a WinMX chat room by querying their shared file lists, using the WinMX secondary protocol.

Important:The programmers of ShareGuard have coded it so that it will not join any port under 1024 and this can mean it will not work with WCS ( port 3 ) or other chat servers set to low values, make sure the chat server port is set to a number above this for correct operation.

How to get ShareGuard

You can download the file from here, You will also need the "Patch for Third Party Applications" placed in the Shareguard folder. You can get that from here: Patch Site. Just drop the ws2_32.dll into the Shareguard folder in your Program files with the shareguard.exe file to allow it to connect.

You will need to follow the simple instructions on the installer and this will set up the links to the installation folder automatically,
Once ShareGuard has been run once it will save your settings in a file (shareguard.ini) and remember them for the next operation.

You are now ready to start using ShareGuard.


Once you have started the program you will need to set the room name and a name for ShareGuard to use.
Here is an example.

Once this is completed you will need to set ShareGuard to /bot or /b mode so it will not be affected by colour codes some rooms and usernames use, as shown here.

Those are the really basic settings completed and you can start the scanning now by using the menu "File -> Connect"

but before you do that I would suggest you look over the "ShareGuard Settings" and "Result Settings" menus to customise the program for your own needs.

ShareGuard Settings
Follow the "Settings" menu and select "ShareGuard Settings"
In this section you can set a fake amount of files and connection type for Shareguard, useful if the your room has a requirement for the number of files shared.
You can set a "kick" message in the box below this for when ShareGuard kicks a user for sharing  file types or titles that you do not wish to have in your room such as adult or questionable material.

To add the names or types of files you wish to exclude you will need to enter them into the 2 boxes here by typing them in the smaller box and pressing the "Add" button for the relevant box.

In the upper box you can specify file types that will be excluded from the forbidden file lists, often best to set this to MP3 as some song titles are likely to fall into the forbidden word category.
In the lower box you can add words (full or partial) titles and file types to the list to the list here but please be careful not to specify really small words fragments as ShareGuard will clean a room out in rapid succession by kicking anyone that has that fragment.
A partial word may look like this "abc???" , and to include a file type to the banned list add a wildcard (*) like this " *.jpg " , this will of course kick anyone sharing JPG type files.

Result Settings
Follow the "Settings" menu and select "Results Settings"
In this section you can set some options on how you wish to receive the results and how many.

The option to receive results via PM ( private message ) is one many room hosts prefer as it does not disrupt a busy room (Green box)
The flood protection tick box is for when lines of output may take more than 5 lines up, some chat rooms will normally kick automatically for this so a small delay is introduced if this option is set  (Blue box )
The  "Enable Search Trigger" settings box allows for you to disable ShareGuard from responding to the selected trigger word (Yellow box)
The "trigger word" is a word that you can choose for ShareGuard to respond to

By default the word is "!find" as shown above and in the (Red box)
you can also set the amount of results you want in the box below, by default this is 3 but you can set this for rather more.

Result Messaging
In this section you can set what you want Shareguard to say in the chat room and what to variables to include, these are the default settings.

The available variables (items with % each side of the text) are listed in the above picture and most users of bots will be familiar with them, you can of course use as many or as few as required and alter their positions within the resulting output.

NOTE: The %HASH% variable is not currently working properly and should not be used.

%BITRATE%            Displays the bitrate of files in results eg. 128kbps
%FILENAME%         This shows the file names In the results  
%FILESIZE%         Shows the file size in bytes.
%NAME%             Username of user that triggered ShareGuard excluding ID Numbers ( _123_45678)  
%NUM%              Adds a sequential number to the results
%NUM-RESULT%        This shows the amount of results matching your request up to your result amount
%MAX-RESULT%        This displays the amount of results in total
%PLAYTIME%          Displays the playtime of files in the results
%RAWNAME%           Full userName of the  user that triggered ShareGuard  
%SAMPLERATE%        Shows the sample rate kHz in the results eg. 44kHz        
%SEARCH%           The name of the requested search item.
%USERS%            Shows the username of the user who has the file.  

Here is a sample of the output from ShareGuard with default settings, in the chat room

Via PM ( private message.)

And of course from the operators display window

To speed up using the program a icon map has been built in and you can access many of the functions without having to go through the menus at the top of the program.

1= Exit Program
2= Join / Part Channel
3= Rescan
4= Settings
5= Result Settings
6= About

You can visit some of the programmers sites and find more information about ShareGuard in the Help menu.

Ok well that's the basics of ShareGuard I hope to see more done with it in the future but for now its a useful room tool for those rooms that require certain types of file either removed or simply located faster.

The programmers for this great project were Zhen Xlogic and Bender both of MxControl, Cheers guys.
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