Secondary Client - File Transfer Status Messages - Internal

Once a searching WPN primary client receives a required search result, it may directly initiate the direct download of one or more of the files described in the query result.
In the case of a Secondary client originating the request, the Search Results are relayed to the originating Secondary client via a Primary Client.

The file-sharing system is basically controlled by a series of status flags that operate in a loop to step through each separate function, the main function of the loop is to control the state of any file transfer operations and generate the 1Fxx series of file transfer information packets for primary management.
Contained within the loop are the core parts of the system that remain a mystery to most. The purpose of this tutorial is to dig deep into the conceptual aspect of the various filesharing functions and add reference material as and when its required. Let us begin with some visual help to explain some of the transfer operations.

Files are downloaded out-of-network i.e. a direct TCP connection between the source and requesting client is established in order to perform the data transfer. File data is never transferred over the WPN.

File Downloads

The file download protocol is HTTP/TCP. These are the internal status messages for Downloading:

File Uploads

The file uploading area of the protocol follows the following format. These are the core status messages for uploading:

Thank you for your patience and I hope you have gained a useful insight into this aspect of a secondary WPN client.

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